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Your baby’s movements

Your baby starts moving early in pregnancy.  You will typically first feel your baby’s movements between 16 and 22 weeks.  This first perception of movements is termed quickening.  It is often felt earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

Your baby’s movements can be a kick, flutter, swish or roll.  Sometimes you may feel your baby hiccuping.

Your baby will usually move more in the evening and you will often feel more movements when you are lying down, compared with sitting or standing.

The number of movements your baby makes usually increases until around 32 weeks and reaches a plateau.

Your baby’s movements may change in nature in the third trimester, but importantly, they shouldn’t decrease in frequency.

Reduced movements usually don’t indicate a problem but in some cases could be a sign of reduced oxygen transfer to your baby.

If you have any concerns that your baby’s movements have decreased, contact me at the time.  Don’t wait until the next day or your next appointment.

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