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Frequently asked questions


I don’t have private health fund insurance. Will you still see me?

Yes. A general fee schedule is available through reception on 07 3188 5000 or will be discussed in detail at your first consultation.

Is onsite parking available at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology?

The closest parking for our practice is the Greenslopes Private Hospital multi-storey visitor car park.  The entrance is on Nicholson St.  Some street parking is also available.



Is it possible to develop reflux during pregnancy?

Yes. There are a number of changes that occur in pregnancy which make women more likely to get reflux.  The symptoms will usually get worse as the pregnancy progresses and there are many measures that can be taken to improve them. Read more <link to a secondary page created from the content contained in ‘Reflux in pregnancy.docx’>

Are there any special things to consider when it comes to travelling and pregnancy?

Whether you are travelling to the shops in the family car, or heading overseas on a long-haul flight, there are many things to consider when it comes to travel and pregnancy. Read more <link to a secondary page created from the content contained in ‘Travel in pregnancy.docx’>

When will I begin to start to feel my baby move and how much movement will I feel?

You will typically first feel your baby’s movements between 16 and 22 weeks.  The number of movements your baby makes usually increases until around 32 weeks and reaches a plateau.  Read more <link to a secondary page created from the content contained in ‘Your baby’s movements.docx’>

Will you be present at the delivery of my baby no matter the time of day it is born?

I cover my own patients Monday to Friday. However, as patient safety is of my utmost concern and to reduce the chance of fatigue and medical errors, there may be some times when a colleague will provide cover for me. I am part of a weekend and public holiday on-call roster <link to> which is shared with my Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology colleagues.



I’m having trouble falling pregnant, can you help?

Yes. If you have been trying to conceive for 12 months (or six months if you are over 35) then I suggest you make an appointment to see me and I will investigate possible causes, offering you advice, support and referral to a fertility specialist, if necessary.

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